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Ryle is tough-minded to the point of incoherence when he combines a dispositional account of the mind with an anti-realist account of dispositions.


A 'disposition' is potential behaviour, or a tendency to behave in a certain way.

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You can't explain mind as dispositions, if they aren't real


comment on Gilbert Ryle (The Concept of Mind [1949]) by Josť A. Benardete - Metaphysics: the logical approach Ch.22

Book Reference

Benardete,Josť A.: 'Metaphysics: The Logical Approach' [OUP 1989], p.176

A Reaction

A nice point, but it strikes me that Ryle was, by temperament at least, an eliminativist about the mind, so the objection would not bother him. Maybe a disposition and a property are the same thing?