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The dogma of the Ghost in the Machine maintains that there exist both minds and bodies; that there are mechanical causes of corporeal movements, and mental causes of corporeal movements.


The 'Ghost in the Machine' idea is Cartesian dualism about mind and body

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Can one movement have a mental and physical cause?


Gilbert Ryle (The Concept of Mind [1949], I (3))

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Ryle,Gilbert: 'The Concept of Mind' [Penguin 1949], p.23

A Reaction

This nicely identifies the problem of double causation, which can be found in Spinoza (Idea 4862). The dualists have certainly got a problem here, but they can deny a conflict. The initiation of a hand movement is not mechanical at all.

Related Idea

Idea 4862 Can the pineal gland be moved more slowly or quickly by the mind than by animal spirits? [Spinoza on Descartes]