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Readers often confuse Sartre's notion of freedom with the freedom of acting whimsically ....but since there is no God, we must create our own values. Freedom is not merely a licence to act whimsically.; it entails responsibility.

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Sartre's freedom is not for whimsical action, but taking responsibility for our own values


report of Jean-Paul Sartre (Being and Nothingness [1943]) by Christine Daigle - Jean-Paul Sartre 2.3

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Daigle,Christine: 'Jean-Paul Sartre' [Routledge 2010], p.44

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The idea that we create our values comes from Nietzsche. Did Sartre want everyone to behave like an übermensch? How can you form a society from individuals who create private values, even if they (somehow) take responsibility for them?

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Idea 22230 Sartre gradually realised that freedom is curtailed by the weight of situation [Sartre, by Daigle]