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Tarski's great insight is find another property, since open sentences are not truth. It must be had by open and genuine sentences. Clauses having it must generate it for the whole sentence. Truth can be defined for sentences by using it.

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Insight: don't use truth, use a property which can be compositional in complex quantified sentence


report of Alfred Tarski (The Concept of Truth for Formalized Languages [1933]) by Richard L. Kirkham - Theories of Truth: a Critical Introduction 5.4

Book Reference

Kirkham,Richard L.: 'Theories of Truth: a Critical Introduction' [MIT 1995], p.152

A Reaction

The proposed property is 'satisfaction', which can (unlike truth) be a feature open sentences (such as 'x is green', which is satisfied by x='grass'),

Related Idea

Idea 19315 In quantified language the components of complex sentences may not be sentences [Kirkham]