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It turns out that the simplest and most natural way of obtaining an exact definition of truth is one which involves the use of other semantic notions, e.g. the notion of satisfaction (...which expresses relations between expressions and objects).

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The best truth definition involves other semantic notions, like satisfaction (relating terms and objects)


Alfred Tarski (The Semantic Conception of Truth [1944], 05)

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'Semantics and the Philosophy of Language', ed/tr. Linsky,Leonard [University of Illinois 1972], p.17

A Reaction

While the T-sentences appear to be 'minimal' and 'deflationary', it seems important to remember that 'satisfaction', which is basic to his theory, is a very robust notion. He actually mentions 'objects'. But see Idea 19185.

Related Idea

Idea 19185 Semantics is a very modest discipline which solves no real problems [Tarski]