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Single Idea 13345

[catalogued under 19. Language / E. Analyticity / 1. Analytic Propositions]

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A class of sentences can be called 'analytical' if every sequence of objects is a model of it.

Gist of Idea

Sentences are 'analytical' if every sequence of objects models them


Alfred Tarski (The Concept of Logical Consequence [1936], p.418)

Book Reference

Tarski,Alfred: 'Logic, Semantics, Meta-mathematics' [Hackett 1956], p.418

A Reaction

See Idea 13344 and Idea 13343 for the context of this assertion.

Related Ideas

Idea 13344 X follows from sentences K iff every model of K also models X [Tarski]

Idea 13343 A 'model' is a sequence of objects which satisfies a complete set of sentential functions [Tarski]