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[catalogued under 5. Theory of Logic / I. Semantics of Logic / 4. Satisfaction]

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It has been found useful in defining semantical concepts to deal first with the concept of satisfaction; both because the definition of this concept presents relatively few difficulties, and because the other semantical concepts are easily reduced to it.

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Satisfaction is the easiest semantical concept to define, and the others will reduce to it


Alfred Tarski (The Establishment of Scientific Semantics [1936], p.406)

Book Reference

Tarski,Alfred: 'Logic, Semantics, Meta-mathematics' [Hackett 1956], p.406

A Reaction

See Idea 13339 for his explanation of satisfaction. We just say that a open sentence is 'acceptable' or 'assertible' (or even 'true') when particular values are assigned to the variables. Then sentence is then 'satisfied'.

Related Idea

Idea 13339 A sentence is satisfied when we can assert the sentence when the variables are assigned [Tarski]