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[catalogued under 5. Theory of Logic / C. Ontology of Logic / 4. Logic by Convention]

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In logic, there are no morals. Everyone is at liberty to build his own logic, i.e. his own form of language. All that is required is that he must state his methods clearly, and give syntactical rules instead of philosophical arguments.

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Each person is free to build their own logic, just by specifying a syntax


Rudolph Carnap (The Logical Syntax of Language [1934], 17), quoted by JC Beall / G Restall - Logical Pluralism 7.3

Book Reference

Beall,J/Restall,G: 'Logical Pluralism' [OUP 2006], p.78

A Reaction

This is understandable, but strikes me as close to daft relativism. If I specify a silly logic, I presume its silliness will be obvious. By what criteria? I say the world dictates the true logic, but this is a minority view.