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[catalogued under 2. Reason / A. Nature of Reason / 3. Pure Reason]

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It is in the nature of reason to perceive things under a certain form of eternity ('sub quadam aeternitatis specie').

Gist of Idea

Reason perceives things under a certain form of eternity


Baruch de Spinoza (The Ethics [1675], II Pr 44)

Book Reference

Spinoza,Benedict de: 'Ethics, Improvement of Understanding, Letters', ed/tr. Elwes,R [Dover 1955], p.117

A Reaction

A wonderful, and justly famous, remark. If you don't feel the force (and poetry!) of this, you aren't a philosopher. It is not only appealing, but I don't see how it can fail to be true. Try producing good reasons which only have temporary force.