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[catalogued under 3. Truth / H. Deflationary Truth / 1. Redundant Truth]

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It is evident that "It is true that Caesar was murdered" means no more than that Caesar was murdered.

Gist of Idea

"It is true that x" means no more than x


Frank P. Ramsey (Facts and Propositions [1927])

Book Reference

'Truth', ed/tr. Pitcher,George [Prentice-Hall 1964], p.16

A Reaction

At the very least, saying it is true adds emphasis. One sentence is about Caesar, the other about a proposal concerning Caesar, so they can't quite be the same. Note Frege's priority in making this suggestion.

Related Ideas

Idea 19468 The property of truth in 'It is true that I smell violets' adds nothing to 'I smell violets' [Frege]

Idea 21640 'It's true that Fido is a dog' conjures up a contrast class, of 'it's false' or 'it's unlikely' [Hofweber]

Idea 14176 "The death of Caesar is true" is not the same proposition as "Caesar died" [Russell]