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My view, called Ideal Utilitarianism, combines the utilitarian principle that Ethics must be teleological with a non-hedonistic view of ethical ends; actions are right or wrong as they produce an ideal end, which includes, but is not limited to, pleasure.


'Teleological' activities have a purpose

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Ideal Utilitarianism is teleological but non-hedonistic; the aim is an ideal end, which includes pleasure


Hastings Rashdall (Theory of Good and Evil [1907], VII.I)

Book Reference

Rashdall,Hastings: 'Theory of Good and Evil 1' [OUP 1907], p.184

A Reaction

I certainly think that if you are going to be a consequentialist, then it is ridiculous to limit the end to pleasure, as it is an 'open question' as to whether we judge pleasures or pains to be good or bad. I am fond of beauty, goodness and truth, myself.