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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / A. Freedoms / 4. Free market]

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It is empirically established that by the overthrow of the existing state of society by the communist revolution, and the abolition of private property, which is identical with it, the power of the world market will be dissolved.

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Communism abolishes private property and dissolves the powerful world market


K Marx / F Engels (The German Ideology [1846], 1.A)

Book Reference

Marx,K./Engels,F.: 'The German Ideology', ed/tr. Arthur,C.J. [Lawrence and Wishart 1985], p.55

A Reaction

They later dropped the abolition of private property as an aim. They were very early in spotting the problem of global capitalism. As long as there are scarcities of anything (e.g. Rembrandts) it is hard to imagine the disappearance of the market.