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[catalogued under 13. Knowledge Criteria / B. Internal Justification / 4. Foundationalism / b. Basic beliefs]

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No knowledge can be its own foundation and proof. Every knowledge presupposes something still higher as its foundation, and this ascent has no end.

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Knowledge can't be its own foundation; there has to be regress of higher and higher authorities


Johann Fichte (The Vocation of Man [1800], 3.I)

Book Reference

Fichte,Johann G.: 'The Vocation of Man', ed/tr. Preuss,Peter [Hackett 1987], p.71

A Reaction

A metaphor that's hard to visualise! He must have in mind a priori as well as empirical knowledge. The 'higher' levels don't seem to be God, but some region of absolute rationality, to which free minds have access. I think.