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We fix our eyes steadily upon the sphere of Consciousness and study what it is that we find immanent in it. ...Consciousness in itself has a being of its own which in its absolute uniqueness of nature remains unaffected by disconnection.


'Immanent' means intrinsic, or in-built

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After everything is bracketed, consciousness still has a unique being of its own


Edmund Husserl (Ideas: intro to pure phenomenology [1913], II.2.033)

Book Reference

Husserl,Edmund: 'Ideas: general introduction to pure phenomenology', ed/tr. Boyce Gibson,W [Routledge 2012], p.62

A Reaction

'Disconnection' is his 'bracketing'. He makes it sound obvious, but Schopenhauer entirely disagrees with him, and I have no idea how to arbitrate. I struggle to grasp consciousness once nature has been bracketed, but have little luck. Is it Da-sein?

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