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In relation to every thesis we can use this peculiar epoché (the phenomenon of 'bracketing' or 'disconnecting'), a certain refraining from judgment which is compatible with the unshaken and unshakable because self-evidencing conviction of Truth.

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Epoché or 'bracketing' is refraining from judgement, even when some truths are certain


Edmund Husserl (Ideas: intro to pure phenomenology [1913], II.1.031)

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Husserl,Edmund: 'Ideas: general introduction to pure phenomenology', ed/tr. Boyce Gibson,W [Routledge 2012], p.58

A Reaction

This is the crucial first step of Phenomenology. It seems to me that it is best described as 'methodological scepticism'. People actually practise it all the time, while they focus on some experience, while trying to forget preconceptions.

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