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Where other philosophers ...start from unclarified, ungrounded preconceptions, we start out from that which antedates all standpoints: from the totality of the intuitively self-given which is prior to any theorising reflexion.

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Start philosophising with no preconceptions, from the intuitively non-theoretical self-given


Edmund Husserl (Ideas: intro to pure phenomenology [1913], I.2.020)

Book Reference

Husserl,Edmund: 'Ideas: general introduction to pure phenomenology', ed/tr. Boyce Gibson,W [Routledge 2012], p.38

A Reaction

This is the great aim of Phenomenology, which is obviously inspired by Hegel's similar desire to start from nothing. Hegel starts from a concept ('nothing'), but Husserl starts from raw experience. I suspect both approaches are idle dreams.