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[catalogued under 12. Knowledge Sources / E. Direct Knowledge / 2. Intuition]

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Immediate 'seeing', not merely sensuous, experiential seeing, but seeing in the universal sense as an originally presenting consciousness of any kind whatsoever, is the ultimate legitimising source of all rational assertions.

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Direct 'seeing' by consciousness is the ultimate rational legitimation


Edmund Husserl (Ideas: intro to pure phenomenology [1913], I.2.019), quoted by Victor Velarde-Mayol - On Husserl 3.3.5

Book Reference

Velarde-Mayol,Victor: 'On Husserl' [Wadsworth 2000], p.57

A Reaction

Husserl is (I gather from this) a classic rationalist. Just like Descartes' judgement of the molten wax.