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[catalogued under 24. Political Theory / D. Ideologies / 11. Capitalism]

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Marx did not disapprove per se of capitalism. New divisions of labour and forms of ownership could transform individuals in modern societies, creating a more humane world with the means capitalism had liberated from feudalism.

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Marx thought capitalism was partly liberating, and could make labour and ownership more humane


report of Karl Marx (works [1860]) by Andrew Bowie - Introduction to German Philosophy 11 'Metaphysics'

Book Reference

Bowie,Andrew: 'Introduction to German Philosophy' [Polity 2003], p.224

A Reaction

I'm guessing this might be early Marx, which has less to say about the 'scientific' inevitably of deep change, and the necessity for revolution. Nowadays we tinker with humane changes at the poorer end, while the rich run rampant.