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When, submerged in deep reflection, you forget both yourself and your surroundings, is it you who controls reason, or is it rather reason that controls and absorbs you?

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When absorbed in deep reflection, is your reason in control, or is it you?


Ludwig Feuerbach (Introduction of 'Essence of Christianity' [1841], I)

Book Reference

Feuerbach,Ludwig: 'The Fiery Brook: Selected Writings', ed/tr. Hanfi,Zawar [Anchor 1972], p.100

A Reaction

A delightful question, even if it looks like a false dichotomy. I'm not sure what to make of 'me', if my reason can be subtracted from it. Aquinas was one the same wavelength here.

Related Idea

Idea 1848 We are coerced into assent to a truth by reason's violence [Aquinas]