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To love another in spite of his weaknesses and errors and imperfections is not perfect love. No, to love is to find him lovable in spite of, and together with, his weaknesses and errors and imperfections.

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Perfect love is not in spite of imperfections; the imperfections must be loved as well


Søren Kierkegaard (Works of Love [1847], p.158)

Book Reference

Kierkegaard,Søren: 'Works of Love', ed/tr. Hong,Howard/Edna [Harper Torchbooks 1962], p.158

A Reaction

A true romantic at heart, Kierkegaard ideally posits perfect love as unconditional love, and not just of good attributes, predicates and conditions. However, the real question for both me and Kierkegaard is, is perfect love desirable or even possible?[SY]