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[catalogued under 11. Knowledge Aims / C. Knowing Reality / 4. Solipsism]

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We can have no communication, no correspondence or society with any created being, but by means of our senses. And, until we rely on their testimony, we must consider ourselves as being alone in the universe.

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We are only aware of other beings through our senses; without that, we are alone in the universe


Thomas Reid (Essays on Intellectual Powers 6: Judgement [1785], 5)

Book Reference

Reid,Thomas: 'Inquiry and Essays', ed/tr. Beanblossom /K.Lehrer [Hackett 1983], p.273

A Reaction

I'm not aware of any thinker before this so directly addressing solipsism. Even the champion of direct and common sense realism has to recognise the intermediary of our senses when accepting other minds.