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Individuals and objects have a real essence, or constitution of nature, from which all their qualities flow: but this essence our faculties do not comprehend. They are therefore incapable of definition.

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Objects have an essential constitution, producing its qualities, which we are too ignorant to define


Thomas Reid (Essays on Intellectual Powers 4: Conception [1785], 1)

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Reid,Thomas: 'Inquiry and Essays', ed/tr. Beanblossom /K.Lehrer [Hackett 1983], p.223

A Reaction

Aha - he's one of us! I prefer the phrase 'essential nature' of an object, which is understood, I think, by everyone. I especially like the last bit, directed at those who mistakenly think that Aristotle identified the essence with the definition.

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Idea 13771 Real essence is the constitution of the unknown parts of a body which produce its qualities [Locke]