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Since actions and performances are not wholly in our power and since nothing is really in our power but our will - it is on the will that all the rules and duties of Man are based and established.

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Rules and duties are based on the will, as that is all we control


Michel de Montaigne (I.7 Our deeds are judged by intention [1580], p.0028)

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Montaigne,Michel de: 'The Complete Essays', ed/tr. Screech,M.A. [Penguin 1987], p.28

A Reaction

This is almost Kant's claim that the only truly good thing is a good will (e.g. Idea 3711). Aristotle disagrees, because a virtuous person should also have good desires. We may will to have good desires, but virtue requires actually having them.

Related Idea

Idea 3711 Only a good will makes us worthy of happiness [Kant]