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Pyrrhonians say that truth and falsehood exist; within us we have means of looking for them, but not of making any lasting judgements: we have no touchstone.


'Pyrrhonians' are sceptics, followers of Pyrrho of Elis

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Sceptics say there is truth, but no means of making or testing lasting judgements


Michel de Montaigne (Apology for Raymond Sebond [1580], p.0564)

Book Reference

Montaigne,Michel de: 'The Complete Essays', ed/tr. Screech,M.A. [Penguin 1987], p.564

A Reaction

This states the key difference between sceptics and relativists. The latter are more extreme as they say there is no such thing as truth. The former concede truth, and their scepticism is about the abilities of human beings. I am an anti-relativist.