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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / D. Justice / 3. Punishment / a. Right to punish]

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The governor Agrippinus would try to persuade those whom he sentenced that it was proper for them to be sentenced, …just as the physician persuades a patient to accept their treatment.

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Perhaps we should persuade culprits that their punishment is just?


Epictetus (The Handbook [Encheiridion] [c.58], 22)

Book Reference

Epictetus: 'The Discourses, The Handbook, Fragments', ed/tr. Gill,C [Everyman 1995], p.314

A Reaction

This resembles the Contractualism of T.H. Scanlon (that actions are good if you can justify them to those involved). It may be possible to persuade people by the use of sophistry and lies. Nevertheless, a fairly civilise proposal.