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Since it is reason that analyses and completes all other things, reason itself should not be left unanalysed. But by what shall it be analysed? ..That is why philosophers put logic first, just as when measuring grain we first examine the measure.

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Because reason performs all analysis, we should analyse reason - but how?


Epictetus (The Discourses [c.56], 1.17.01)

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Epictetus: 'The Discourses, The Handbook, Fragments', ed/tr. Gill,C [Everyman 1995], p.41

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The problem of the definitive metre rule in Paris. I say we have to test reason against the physical world, and the measure of reason is truth. Something has to be primitive, but reason is too vague for that role. Idea 23344 agrees with me!

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Idea 23344 Reason itself must be compounded from some of our impressions [Epictetus]