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The brain is the principal organ of the psychical members. For within the brain is seated memory, reason and intellect, and from the brain is distributed the power, sensation and voluntary motion.

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The brain contains memory and reason, and is the source of sensation and decision


Galen (The soul's dependence on the body [c.170]), quoted by Matthew Cobb - The Idea of the Brain 1

Book Reference

Cobb,Matthew: 'The Idea of the Brain' [Penguin 2020], p.25

A Reaction

[not sure of ref] Interesting that he assigns the whole of mind to the brain, and not just some aspect of it. He had done experiments. Understanding the role of the brain was amazingly slow. Impeded by religion, I guess.

Related Idea

Idea 23219 Stopping the heart doesn't terminate activity; pressing the brain does that [Galen, by Cobb]