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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / C. The Good / 1. Goodness / a. Form of the Good]

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Diogenes of Babylon defined the good as what is perfect by nature.

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The good is what is perfect by nature


report of Diogenes (Bab) (fragments/reports [c.180 BCE]) by D.L. Blank - Diogenes of Babylon

Book Reference

'Encyclopedia of Classical Philosophy', ed/tr. Zeyl,Donald J. [Fitzroy Dearborn 1997], p.193

A Reaction

This might come close to G.E. Moore's Ideal Utilitarianism, but its dependence on the rather uneasy of concept of 'perfection' makes it questionable. Personally I find it appealing. I wish we had Diogenes' explanation.