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Stoics [before Epictetus] have a notion of assent, and hence the appropriate notion of a willing, but we do not yet have a notion of a choice [prohairesis], let alone of a will.

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Earlier Stoics speak of assent, but not of choice, let alone of a will


report of Stoic school (fragments/reports [c.200 BCE]) by Michael Frede - A Free Will 3

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Frede,Michael: 'A Free Will' [Univ of California 2011], p.43

A Reaction

The assent is just giving in to a desire, which is either rational or irrational. Choice implies a second-level thinking, of weighing the two desires. The will would then be a faculty which can do this (which seems to be the invention of Epictetus).

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Idea 23324 In the Discourses choice [prohairesis] defines our character and behaviour [Epictetus, by Frede,M]