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Stoics reduced universals to thoughts or concepts, in order to make universal statements which would not conflict with their metaphysics, they rephrased sentences of the form 'Man is...' as conditionals: 'If something is a man, then it is...'

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Stoics avoided universals by paraphrasing 'Man is...' as 'If something is a man, then it is...'


report of Stoic school (fragments/reports [c.200 BCE]) by A.A. Long - Hellenistic Philosophy 4.3.3

Book Reference

Long,A.A.: 'Hellenistic Philosophy' [Duckworth 1986], p.141

A Reaction

[reference to Sextus, Adv Math 9.8] Predicate logic handles this with ease. It is something like the strategy of Ramsey sentences, for eliminating metaphysical properties.