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[catalogued under 25. Social Practice / F. Life Issues / 4. Suicide]

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He is utterly small-minded for whom there are many plausible reasons for committing suicide.

Gist of Idea

It is small-minded to find many good reasons for suicide


Epicurus (Principle Doctrines ('Kuriai Doxai') (frags) [c.290 BCE], 38)

Book Reference

Epicurus: 'The Epicurus Reader', ed/tr. Inwood,B. /Gerson,L. [Hackett 1994], p.38

A Reaction

It is a pity that the insult of 'small-minded' has slipped out of philosophy. The Greeks use it all the time, and know exactly what it means. We all recognise small-mindedness, and it is a great (and subtle) vice.