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[catalogued under 29. Religion / C. Spiritual Disciplines / 2. Taoism]

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Don't struggle, go with the flow, and you will find yourself at one with the vastness of the void of Heaven.

Gist of Idea

Go with the flow, and be one with the void of Heaven


Zhuangzi (Chuang Tzu) (The Book of Chuang Tzu [c.329 BCE], Ch.6)

Book Reference

Chuang Tzu: 'The Book of Chuang Tzu', ed/tr. Palmer,M /Breuilly,E [Penguin 1996], p.56

A Reaction

Ugh. I've got all eternity to do that. The underlying assumption of Taoism seems to be that it is better not to have been born, and if you are thus unfortunate, you should try to pretend that it never happened. Much too negative for my taste.