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Single Idea 1767

[catalogued under 1. Philosophy / D. Nature of Philosophy / 5. Aims of Philosophy / a. Philosophy as worldly]

Full Idea

A man should study philosophy up to the point of looking on generals and donkey-drivers in the same light.

Gist of Idea

Everyone should study philosophy until they see all people in the same light


report of Crates (Theb) (fragments/reports [c.325 BCE]) by Diogenes Laertius - Lives of Eminent Philosophers 06.Cr.9

Book Reference

Diogenes Laertius: 'Diogenes Laertius', ed/tr. Yonge,C.D. [Henry G. Bohn 1853], p.252

A Reaction

This seems to reject Aristote's idea that some people are clearly superior to others.