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[catalogued under 22. Metaethics / A. Ethics Foundations / 2. Source of Ethics / j. Ethics by convention]

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It can be right, in certain circumstances, to steal, to break a solemn promise, to rob temples, and even (as Orestes did) to murder one's nearest and dearest.

Gist of Idea

Every apparent crime can be right in certain circumstances


report of Anon (Diss) (Dissoi Logoi - on Double Arguments [c.401 BCE], 3) by PG - Db (ideas)

Book Reference

'The First Philosophers', ed/tr. Waterfield,Robin [OUP 2000], p.292

A Reaction

Not sure about the last one! I suppose you can justify any hideousness if the fate of the universe depends on it. It must be better to die than the perform certain extreme deeds.