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Although the universal law (logos) is common to all, the majority live as if they had understanding peculiar to themselves.

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Logos is common to all, but most people live as if they have a private understanding


Heraclitus (fragments/reports [c.500 BCE], B002), quoted by Sextus Empiricus - Against the Professors (six books) 7.133.4-

Book Reference

'Ancilla to the Pre-Socratic Philosophers', ed/tr. Freeman,Kathleen [Harvard 1957], p.25

A Reaction

Heraclitus mentions 'logos' in just three fragments - this one, and Idea 15660 and Idea 424.

Related Ideas

Idea 15660 Logos is the source of everything, and my theories separate and explain each nature [Heraclitus]

Idea 424 Reason tells us that all things are one [Heraclitus]