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If we replace Heraclitus's word 'fire' by the word 'energy' we can almost repeat his statements word for word from our modern point of view.

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The sayings of Heraclitus are still correct, if we replace 'fire' with 'energy'


report of Heraclitus (fragments/reports [c.500 BCE]) by Werner Heisenberg - Physics and Philosophy 04

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Heisenberg,Werner: 'Physics and Philosophy' [Penguin 1989], p.51

A Reaction

My problem has always been that I have no idea what 'energy' is, so I'm none the wiser.

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Idea 15265 'Energy' is a quasi-substance invented as the bearer of change during interactions [Harré/Madden]

Idea 17540 Energy is that which moves, and is the substance from which everything is made [Heisenberg]