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A man acts according to desires; after death he reaps the harvest of his deeds, and returns again to the world of action. Thus he who has desires continues subject to rebirth, but he in who desire is stilled suffers no rebirth.

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A man with desires is continually reborn, until his desires are stilled


Anon (Upan) (The Upanishads [c.950 BCE], 'Brihadaranyaka')

Book Reference

'The Upanishads', ed/tr. Prabhavananda /Manchester [Mentor 1957], p.109

A Reaction

I greatly prefer the Stoic idea (Idea 3066) that we should live according to nature, to this perverse longing to completely destroy our own nature and become something we are not. Play the cards you are dealt, which include desires.

Related Idea

Idea 3066 Nothing is evil which is according to nature [Aurelius]