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There are two selves, the apparent self, and the real Self. Of these it is the real Self (Atman), and he alone, who must be felt as truly existing. To the man who has felt him as truly existing he reveals his innermost nature.


'Atman' is a difficult word to translate

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We have an apparent and a true self; only the second one exists, and we must seek to know it


Anon (Upan) (The Upanishads [c.950 BCE], 'Katha')

Book Reference

'The Upanishads', ed/tr. Prabhavananda /Manchester [Mentor 1957], p.24

A Reaction

A central Hindu doctrine against which Buddhism rebelled, by denying the self altogether. I prefer the Hindu view. A desire to abandon the self just seems to be a desire for death. Knowledge of our essential self is more interesting. But see Idea 2932!

Related Idea

Idea 2932 'Know thyself' is impossible and ridiculous [Nietzsche]