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[catalogued under 29. Religion / D. Religious Issues / 2. Immortality / b. Soul]

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That which is awake in us even while we sleep, shaping in dream the objects of our desire - that indeed is pure, that is Brahman, and that verily is called the Immortal.

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The immortal in us is the part that never sleeps, and shapes our dreams


Anon (Upan) (The Upanishads [c.950 BCE], 'Katha')

Book Reference

'The Upanishads', ed/tr. Prabhavananda /Manchester [Mentor 1957], p.22

A Reaction

That is a more helpful view of what the soul might be than anything found in Christian theology. It makes it the essence of the everyday Self. It is left with the difficulty of lacking individuality, and being of limited interest to my wider Self.