Ideas of Anaximander, by Theme

[Greek, c.610 - 540 BCE, Born in Miletus. Presumed pupil of Thales.]

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1. Philosophy / C. History of Philosophy / 2. Ancient Philosophy / b. Pre-Socratic philosophy
Anaximander produced the first philosophy book (and maybe the first book) [Bodnár]
2. Reason / B. Laws of Thought / 2. Sufficient Reason
The earth is stationary, because it is in the centre, and has no more reason to move one way than another [Aristotle]
7. Existence / A. Nature of Existence / 1. Nature of Existence
Anaximander saw the contradiction in the world - that its own qualities destroy it [Nietzsche]
26. Natural Theory / A. Speculations on Nature / 6. Early Matter Theories / d. The unlimited
The essential nature, whatever it is, of the non-limited is everlasting and ageless
The Boundless cannot exist on its own, and must have something contrary to it [Aristotle]
Anaximander introduced the idea that the first principle and element of things was the Boundless [Simplicius]
Things begin and end in the Unlimited, and are balanced over time according to justice
27. Natural Reality / E. Cosmology / 2. Eternal Universe
The parts of all things are susceptible to change, but the whole is unchangeable [Diog. Laertius]