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Ideas of Adam Gopnik, by Text

[American, fl. 2019, Writer for the New Yorker.]

2019 A Thousand Small Sanities
1 p.39 Liberal community is not blood ties or tradition, but shared choices, and sympathy for the losers
1 p.40 Most good social changes are incremental, rather than revolutionary
1 p.47 Conservatives often want peace, prosperity and tolerance, but not social fairness
1 p.72 Liberal community includes flight from the family, into energetic reforming groups
1 p.81 The opposite of liberalism is dogmatism
2 p.84 Right-wingers attack liberal faith in reason, left-wingers attack its faith in reform
2 p.96 Popular imperialism gives the poor the belief that their acts have world historical meaning
2 p.100 Patriots love their place, but nationalists have a paranoid ethnic hostility
2 p.102 Conservatives believe obedience and rank are essential to social order
2 p.103 Cosmopolitan liberals lack national loyalty, and welcome excessive immigration
3 p.149 A 'free' society implies a free market, which always produces predatory capitalism and inequalities
3 p.153 Classic Marxists see liberalism as the ideology of the bourgeoisie
3 p.154 Liberal free speech is actually paid speech
3 p.161 Modern left-wingers criticise liberalism's control of culture
3 p.166 Liberalism's attempt to be neutral and colour-blind erases cultural identities
3 p.170 Environmental disasters result not from capitalism, but from a general drive for growth
3 p.175 Left-wingers are inconsistent in their essentialist descriptions of social groups
3 p.191 People are fallible, so liberalism tries to distribute power
3 p.195 Liberals have tried very hard to build a conscience into their institutions