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Ideas of Andrew Bowie, by Text

[British, fl. 2003, Head of German at Royal Holloway, University of London.]

2003 Introduction to German Philosophy
Intro p.8 Nazis think race predetermines the self
2 'Hamann' p.49 Rhetoric is built into language, so it cannot be stripped from philosophy
3 'Limits' p.58 German Idealism says our thinking and nature have the same rational structure
5 'Reason' p.103 Art can make reason more all-inclusive, by articulating what seemed inexpressible
2010 German Philosophy: a very short introduction
p.33 The Idealists saw the same unexplained spontaneity in Kant's judgements and choices
1 p.10 Transcendental idealism aims to explain objectivity through subjectivity
2 p.24 German Idealism tried to stop oppositions of appearances/things and receptivity/spontaneity
3 p.38 Crucial to Idealism is the idea of continuity between receptivity and spontaneous judgement