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Ideas of David van Reybrouck, by Text

[Belgian, fl. 2013, Freelance political writer.]

2013 Against Elections
1 'Crisis' p.6 Democracy is the best compromise between legitimacy and efficiency
1 'Crisis' p.12 Nowadays sovereignty (once the basis of a state) has become relative
2 'democracy' p.23 Technocrats may be efficient, but they lose legitimacy as soon as they do unpopular things
2 'electoral' p.55 Today it seems almost impossible to learn the will of the people
2 'populism' p.18 There are no united monolothic 'peoples', and no 'national gut feelings'
2 'technocracy' p.21 Technocrats are expert managers, who replace politicians, and can be long-term and unpopular
3 'democratisation' p.104 In the 18th century democratic lots lost out to elections, that gave us a non-hereditary aristocracy
3 'procedure' p.62 Representative elections were developed in order to avoid democracy
4 intro p.106 You don't really govern people if you don't involve them
4 'remedies' p.124 A referendum result arises largely from ignorance