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Ideas of Joseph Almog, by Text

[American, fl. 2010, Professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.]

2010 Nature Without Essence
Intro p.360 Essences promise to reveal reality, but actually drive us away from it
Intro p.360 Defining an essence comes no where near giving a thing's nature
01 p.361 Essential definition aims at existence conditions and structural truths
02 p.364 If a concept is not compact, it will not be presentable to finite minds
03 p.366 Surface accounts aren't exhaustive as they always allow unintended twin cases
04 p.367 Kripke and Putnam offer an intermediary between real and nominal essences
07 p.370 Fregean meanings are analogous to conceptual essence, defining a kind
08 p.372 Definitionalists rely on snapshot-concepts, instead of on the real processes
09 p.373 Water must be related to water, just as tigers must be related to tigers
10 p.368 Alien 'tigers' can't be tigers if they are not related to our tigers
11 p.376 Individual essences are just cobbled together classificatory predicates
12 p.381 The number series is primitive, not the result of some set theoretic axioms