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Ideas of Jonathan Tallant, by Text

[British, fl. 2011, Lecturer at the University of Nottingham.]

2011 Metaphysics: an introduction
01 p.3 Metaphysics is a quest for truthmakers
01.2 p.6 A truthmaker is the minimal portion of reality that will do the job
03.5 p.49 Maybe number statements can be paraphrased into quantifications plus identities
04.13 p.90 What is the truthmaker for a possible new power?
04.5.3 p.79 Are propositions all the thoughts and sentences that are possible?
05.4 p.101 The wisdom of Plato and of Socrates are not the same property
06.2 p.122 Substance must have two properties: individuation, and property-bearing
10.8 p.226 Maybe only 'positive' truths need truth-makers