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Ideas of Sally Haslanger, by Text

[American, fl. 2003, Professor at Masschusettts Institute of Technology.]

1989 Persistence, Change and Explanation
1 p.160 Ontology disputes rest on more basic explanation disputes
1 p.160 The persistence of objects seems to be needed if the past is to explain the present
1 n2 p.180 By using aporiai as his start, Aristotle can defer to the wise, as well as to the many
5 p.170 Best explanations, especially natural ones, need grounding, notably by persistent objects
7 p.172 We must explain change amongst 'momentary entities', or else the world is inexplicable
7 p.173 If the things which exist prior to now are totally distinct, they need not have existed
7 p.177 Natural explanations give the causal interconnections
8 p.178 Persistence makes change and its products intelligible