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Ideas of Thomas M. Crisp, by Text

[American, fl. 2003, Professor at Florida State University.]

2003 Presentism
Intro n.1 p.212 'Eternalism' is the thesis that reality includes past, present and future entities
2.1 p.216 Worm Perdurantism has a fusion of all the parts; Stage Perdurantism has one part at a time
2.4 p.218 The only three theories are Presentism, Dynamic (A-series) Eternalism and Static (B-series) Eternalism
3.4 p.237 The weaker version of Truthmaker: 'truth supervenes on being'
3.4 p.237 The Truthmaker thesis spells trouble for presentists
3.4 p.237 Truthmaker has problems with generalisation, non-existence claims, and property instantiations
3.4 p.240 Presentists can talk of 'times', with no more commitment than modalists have to possible worlds