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Ideas of Earl Conee, by Text

[American, fl. 2004, Professor at the University of Rochester.]

2004 First Things First
'Circles' p.27 More than actual reliability is needed, since I may mistakenly doubt what is reliable
'Getting' p.19 Evidentialism is not axiomatic; the evidence itself inclines us towards evidentialism
'Getting' p.20 If pure guesses were reliable, reliabilists would have to endorse them
'Stroud's' p.34 Reliabilism is poor on reflective judgements about hypothetical cases
2005 Contextualism Contested (and reply)
'Epistemic' p.65 People begin to doubt whether they 'know' when the answer becomes more significant
'Loose' p.65 Maybe low knowledge standards are loose talk; people will deny that it is 'really and truly' knowledge
'Loose' p.65 Maybe knowledge has fixed standards (high, but attainable), although people apply contextual standards
2005 Contextualism Contested
p.51 p.51 That standards vary with context doesn't imply different truth-conditions for judgements
p.53 p.53 Maybe there is only one context (the 'really and truly' one) for serious discussions of knowledge