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Ideas of Alvin I. Goldman, by Text

[American, b.1938, Professor at the University of Arizona for many years.]

1976 What is Justified Belief?
II p.345 Justification depends on the reliability of its cause, where reliable processes tend to produce truth
II p.348 Introspection is really retrospection; my pain is justified by a brief causal history
II p.348 A belief can be justified when the person has forgotten the evidence for it
III p.350 If justified beliefs are well-formed beliefs, then animals and young children have them
1980 The Internalist Conception of Justification
§VIII p.57 If the only aim was consistent beliefs then new evidence and experiments would be irrelevant
1993 Phil Applications of Cognitive Science
p.103 p.103 Gestalt psychology proposes inbuilt proximity, similarity, smoothness and closure principles
p.109 p.109 Infant brains appear to have inbuilt ontological categories
p.117 p.117 The way in which colour experiences are evoked is physically odd and unpredictable
p.58 p.58 Rat behaviour reveals a considerable ability to count
p.60 p.60 Children may have three innate principles which enable them to learn to count
p.7 p.7 Elephants can be correctly identified from as few as three primitive shapes
1999 Internalism Exposed
§2 p.8 We can't only believe things if we are currently conscious of their justification - there are too many
§3 p.10 Internalism must cover Forgotten Evidence, which is no longer retrievable from memory
§3 p.11 Coherent justification seems to require retrieving all our beliefs simultaneously
§4 p.13 Internal justification needs both mental stability and time to compute coherence
§6 p.17 Reliability involves truth, and truth is external