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Ideas of Simon Blackburn, by Text

[British, b.1944, Professor at Cambridge University.]

1984 Spreading the Word
6.5 p.217 Asserting a necessity just expresses our inability to imagine it is false
1987 Morals and Modals
1 p.635 If we are told the source of necessity, this seems to be a regress if the source is not already necessary
p.120-1 p.6 If something underlies a necessity, is that underlying thing necessary or contingent? [Hale/Hoffmann,A]
1994 Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy
p.198 p.198 The main objection to intuitionism in ethics is that intuition is a disguise for prejudice or emotion
p.300 p.300 Critics of prescriptivism observe that it is consistent to accept an ethical verdict but refuse to be bound by it
p.327 p.327 A true belief might be based on a generally reliable process that failed on this occasion
p.347 p.347 Visual sense data are an inner picture show which represents the world
2002 Précis of 'Ruling Passions'
p.133 p.133 Some philosophers always want more from morality; for others, nature is enough
2005 Religion and Respect
p.2 p. The word 'respect' ranges from mere non-interference to the highest levels of reverence